The specific vaccine "Omicron" is produced by Iranian scientists
"Barkat" on the front line against Corona;
The result of a scientific study on the effectiveness of the Barakat vaccine
High efficacy of Barakat vaccine in preventing death

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Barkat Pharmaceutical Group is one of the largest pharmaceutical holding Companies with more than 20 subsidiaries. The company’s name was was changed to “Tadbir innovation pharmaceutical company” in 2010. As a knowledge-based economic complex , the company has focused on health care products. The core activity of the company is to move towards fulfilling the 20-Year National Vision of the Islamic Republic of Iran for the dawn of the Solar Calendar Year 1404 to move in line with the comprehensive scientific map of Iran in terms of social responsibility and respecting human values. The contribution to the development of social justice, and to increase the access of the deprived people to new health care products through the production of drugs with affordable prices are among the company’s goals.

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